Thoughts from our Interior Design team

Concrete, besides natural water, is the most used material all over the world. What has primarily has been used as a building block to create engineering feats, has now made its way into our homes as features and accessories via basins and baths to name a few.

Concrete has a unique design appeal as it shows variations in surface texture, patina and colour.

The Fienza Jada Concrete Bath range comes in four elegant colours including Warm Grey, Warm White, Tuscan and Sage.

Fienza has also complemented their bath series with matching Concrete Basins including a range of Blanca Concrete Wall Basin, Valentina Fluted Arch Concrete Wall Basin, Alba Round Concrete Above Counter Basin, Jada Round Concrete Above Counter Basin, and the Jada Pill Concrete Above Counter Basin which matches the bath.

Concrete Basins are a great addition to create an organic and natural bathroom. Our favourites are the Tuscan and Sage colours, so look out for those.