Warranty Policy

Thank you for choosing Mimicoco for your bathroom ware needs. We understand the importance of providing quality products and a reliable shopping experience. As a platform that curates and sells bathroom wares from various suppliers, we want to ensure that our customers are aware of the warranty policies associated with each product.

Manufacturer Warranties:

We strictly adhere to all manufacturer warranties for the products available on our website. The warranty terms and conditions vary by product and brand, and it is important for our customers to review these details before making a purchase.

Locating Warranty Information:

To find the specific warranty information for a product, please refer to the product description section on the specified products page. The warranty details, including coverage, duration, and any applicable terms, will be clearly outlined by the manufacturer.

Contacting Customer Support:

If you have any questions or concerns about a product's warranty or need assistance locating warranty information, our customer support team is here to help. You can reach us through our [Contact Us](link to contact page) page or by engaging in our live chat service.

Important Points to Remember:

It is the customer's responsibility to review and understand the warranty terms before making a purchase.

Manufacturer warranties may vary between products, so please check the product description for specific details.

Any warranty claims must be made directly with the manufacturer as per their specified procedures.


Mimicoco is not responsible for the enforcement of manufacturer warranties but is committed to assisting customers in understanding and accessing warranty information. We encourage our customers to register their products with the respective manufacturers and follow the recommended maintenance and care instructions.

Thank you for choosing Mimicoco. We appreciate your trust in us, and we are dedicated to providing a seamless shopping experience for all your bathroom ware needs.