How to Choose your Bathroom Tapware

How to Choose your Bathroom Tapware

After all the planning that goes into designing your dream bathroom, it would be silly not to place the same amount of focus on the final touches.

Your bathroom’s tapware is as important a factor as the choice of tile, paintwork, or vanity because it ties everything together and will be some of the most used elements in the room.

This is why Mimicoco has devoted itself to supplying high-quality bathroom features to help your bathroom shine. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you might have via our website, but feel free to read this blog first before you start choosing those taps.

What Type of Tap?

The first thing you’ll want to consider when choosing your bathroom tapware is the format and fixture. This means choosing between a three-piece setup and a mixer, as well as being wall-mounted or top-mounted.

Starting with the format, a three-piece setup looks like the traditional hot and cold taps on either side of a main faucet. A mixer involves just one single tap and faucet with the ability to swivel between hot and cold for the ideal temperature.

This will mostly come down to personal preference, although the mixer option does eliminate the need for extra taps and affords more space for other things on the benchtop.

The same goes for wall-mounted or top-mounted tapware. The former sees the faucet extending from the wall below the vanity mirror, while the latter has the faucet and taps placed on or behind the basin. Wall-mounted tapware provides more benchtop space for your things, and may complement your tiling better depending on what you’ve chosen. Top-mounted tapware brings a more traditional style to your bathroom, if that’s the design you’ve been aiming for.

Shape & Style

As we’ve mentioned, your tapware should complement your overall bathroom design, be that modern, traditional, or a blend of the two. That’s why it’s important to create a mood board before designing your bathroom and understanding the aesthetic you’re chasing.

A modern bathroom will do well with more rounded and simplistic tap designs, while a traditional style prefers more embellishments and intricacy. You should also consider how your choice of tap suits your basin, shower, bath and door handles, to ensure a flowing design across the whole room. If you have contrasting taps and handles, it will be far more noticeable than you might think.

Colour Palette

You may picture tapware and only one or two colours come to mind. Well, at Mimicoco we’re happy to say there’s plenty more for you to choose from in order to match your mood board. Chrome, matte black, gunmetal, rose gold, white, graphite, and a variety of brushed metals are just the start! These colours can also be combined and blended so the combinations feel almost endless.

But don’t despair, if you’re stuck for choice, we’re more than happy to help with all your tap design choices.

For example, we know that an industrial style bathroom will look lovely with matte black, nickel or rose gold finishings, while a traditional heritage style bathroom will never grow old with brass, gold or a cream finish to its tapware.

Need to Know More?

There’s plenty more where that came from, so please browse our website and our other blogs to learn more about pristine bathroom design! We can’t wait to help with those vital finishing touches.