How to Design a Quality Family Bathroom

How to Design a Quality Family Bathroom

Your home’s central bathroom is at the heart of many core memories for a growing family. Your little one’s first bath, brushing your teeth together, teaching your teenager how to shave or tie a tie – they’ll all be cemented into the family photobook.

If you’re a lover of quality interior design like we are at Mimicoco, you’ll want your bathroom looking spick and span when you reflect on those photos in the future.

But how does one design a bathroom to cater for a family growing through all of life’s important stages? In this blog, we’ll answer your questions and more. So check it out before getting in contact with Mimicoco for all your bathroom needs.

Make It Functional

First and foremost, this bathroom should satisfy the growing and diverse range of needs for your family. Whether you’re a family of 2 or 10, your little one won’t be so little anymore and their needs will change over the years. At the same time, resale value might be just as important to you as your family grows, so keep these general design tips in mind.

Maximum Mirrors

Find as much space for mirrors as you can without feeling like you’re in one of those creepy mazes, and watch the kids calm as everyone enjoys their own space.

There are some great mirror cabinets that now have surround viewing so you can see the back of your hair or dress when details are important. You may even consider leaning a free-standing mirror against a separate wall for busier bathrooms, making sure it can’t be knocked over. Mirrors also help to make your bathroom look bigger, which can be a valuable asset as it’s filled with a growing family.

Get Creative with Storage

There’s nothing more annoying or dangerous than leaving damp clothes and towels lying around, not to mention the clutter that can accumulate on the bathroom benchtop.

Invest in as much storage as you can such as drawers under the basin, shelves behind the vanity, a shower products shelf attached to the shower wall, and a laundry basket if you have space.

Easy-clean is a Must

Timber surfaces can become damaged by pooled water, compared to ceramic or stone benchtops which aren’t quite as porous. This makes them far more resistant to the wear and tear of children.

If you must include some timber in your bathroom design, keep it on vertical surfaces or those where moisture can’t pool for very long such as vanity doors and drawers.

Fancier Features

If you have room to branch out, there are a few more luxurious things that can make your family’s morning routine a little more comfortable.

Heated towel rails will ensure those damp towels are kept out of the way. The kids will love returning to a warm and dry towel and will be incentivised to clean up after themselves.

Adjustable shower heads are perfect for families with a range of heights. By incorporating this feature, everyone is kept comfortable in the shower without the need to crane their neck or have water fall too hard upon them.

Bathroom Lighting is so important and positioning is even more so. The correct lighting under cabinets, around mirrors or in niches provide ambience and a statement to any bathroom.

If you have space to make room for a seat, your back and legs will thank you. This simple addition will give you somewhere to rest while supervising bathtime, and somewhere for kids to sit while brushing their teeth. Not every space will have room for a dedicated bathroom seat, but those that do will be grateful for it.

Need to Know More?

Mimicoco cares about your family’s next beautiful bathroom. We love supplying everything you need to make those memories with loved ones, so get in touch to design the bathroom of your dreams.