The Top 5 Winter Bathroom Decor Trends

The Top 5 Winter Bathroom Decor Trends

As the temperature has definitely began cooling down, it’s a great time to give your bathroom a bit of a winter makeover with decor that evokes warmth.

As experts in all things bathroom taps and fittings, the Mimicoco team knows how to add warmth and texture to your bathroom to add a touch of cosy, timeless winter style. And in this blog, we’re going to cover the top five winter bathroom decor trends for you to incorporate into your own bathroom!


Bringing in pieces of decor that have clean, simple curves is a great way to add a calming yet wintery touch to your bathroom. From rounded mirrors to curved bathroom taps, Australia-based designers are embracing the soft, delicate nature of curved decor this winter.

One of the great things about curved decor is that it can suit a vast array of bathroom aesthetics. For example, a simple oval-shaped mirror or a grey circle-shaped bath mat are both great additions for bathrooms with a minimalist style.

Another example is to add circular black matte tapware to bathrooms that embrace industrial chic or have a striking black and white theme.


When it comes to adding vibrancy into your bathroom when winter is in full swing, then consider texture. Decor that is wonderful to touch can add a dash of luxury and comfort during the colder months.

You can invest in linens that have unique and fun textures, such as boucle bath mats and fluffy cotton towels. This allows you to soften your bathroom with practical items, while creating a sense of comfort in the space you use each day.

Earthy tones

One of the big interior design trends this winter is the use of earthy tones – and your bathroom is no exception. Various shades of brown, green, orange and yellow are set to make a splash in bathrooms this season.

These versatile colours can be used in a variety of ways. Add a pop of yellow by adding turmeric-toned towels. Or you can add subtle shades of sage through your linen choice for a softer touch of colour. When you use these colours, they’ll evoke a sense of warmth and comfort while creating a welcoming feeling in your bathroom.

Different hues of blue are also set to make waves in bathrooms this winter. Incorporating different shades of blue allows you to create a sense of calm and serenity in your bathroom.

Natural materials

Natural materials are a timeless addition to your bathroom, but in winter they can help bring warmth and interest to your space. Whether you’re opting for a rattan basket or a sisal mat, featuring natural materials allows you to add versatile pieces to your bathroom.

The best part about decor made from natural materials is that no two items will have the same pattern. This means that you can showcase unique designs that are all from the same material, which will create a sense of cohesion within the bathroom.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants can help add natural life and beauty to your bathroom. The best part is that there’s a variety of indoor plants to suit your bathroom.

If you’ve got high ceilings, then trailing plants can add visual interest to the space. But if you prefer your plants closer to the ground, then opt for potted plants. The size of the plants depends on the space and style you want to evoke. If you want to go big on the drama, then opt for plants with bold, dramatic leaves. But if you want pops of greenery throughout the bathroom then consider smaller succulents.

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If you’re looking to add a cosy touch to your space, then you’ve got a wealth of options are your fingertips. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices, then chat with the design experts at Mimicoco. We can help give your bathroom a wintery makeover!