How to Create a Mood Board for your Bathroom Design

How to Create a Mood Board for your Bathroom Design

Every great bathroom must begin with some proper planning, so the designer can envision the end goal before a single tile is laid.

The very first step in this process is creating a mood board which details colour palettes, textures, fixtures, fittings, and overall style.

The more detail you put into a mood board, the more likely your final room is to match your preferences.

After all, bathrooms are said to add a disproportionate amount of value to your resale value, so you’ll want to get this one right.

Consider the below points of this blog before getting your mood board together and then contact Mimicoco to select the bathroom features that suit your style.

Step 1: Find Inspiration

We won’t pretend to have invented great bathroom design – there are countless sources of inspiration waiting to be found on the internet. Try Pinterest or Instagram for picturesque bathroom inspiration online and save images (this is key!) that capture the elements you’re looking for.

Inspiration doesn’t just have to come online though. Visit the physical stores of your favourite brands, snoop around friends’ houses, or recall your favourite Airbnb’s to gather an idea about what your future bathroom looks like. Soon, you’ll have a photo library full of great inspiration to get you started.

Look for key bathroom elements such as a vanity mirror, basin, tapware, shower, bath and toilet and consider how they will go together in close quarters.

If you’re searching online, make sure to include links to all items that you find so that you can return to them and potentially purchase them. Similarly, it’s best to try and find inspiration from exact items that you can actually buy because they will naturally look as they do online. Finding inspiration somewhere like Google Images and then being unable to find items that match your mood board may let you down when it comes to building your bathroom.


Step 2: Use Your Words

In all honesty, steps 1 and 2 could be interchangeable, and this second step may not be for you. But we find listing a bunch of words that describe your ideal bathroom can help in cementing the style that you’re aiming for.

Examples include ‘homely’, ‘rustic’, ‘minimalistic’, ‘luxury’, or even base it on a culture like ‘Japanese’ or ‘Scandi’.

Step 3: Collate Your Content

With your words and images all together, it’s time to put together your mood board. This can be done using online tools such as Canva, Evernote, or simply keep it all on Pinterest.

Alternatively, for those who prefer a more tangible experience, create a physical version using a cork board, some pins and some natural craftiness. The choice is really up to you.

Either way, it’s highly advisable that you use images with a white background or cut out the background to ensure you’re only looking at the single element itself. You can then group elements and see how they might combine in the final bathroom without the distraction of an unrelated background.


Need to Know More?

Mimicoco is your go-to supplier for all your bathroom features, so make sure to check out our online store when creating your mood board.

If you’re having trouble getting your mood board started, get in touch with us via our website.