The Top 5 Vanity Materials

The Top 5 Vanity Materials

Whether you’re designing a bathroom that embodies coastal chic or is on its way to becoming a modern masterpiece, there’s guaranteed a vanity material to suit your style.

Each vanity material boasts unique characteristics and features that can enhance a bathroom’s design. You can even make your vanity the centrepiece and style your bathroom around it.

So what vanity material should you go for? As the leading provider of bathroom fittings Australia-wide, the Mimicoco team will guide you through the top five vanity materials so you can choose your next vanity with confidence!


There’s a great number of wooden vanity varieties in the market. From pale oak to bold teak, a wooden vanity can add a natural, yet practical, touch to your bathroom. Wooden vanities can also create warmth and vibrancy to your space.

The best part is that wooden vanities suit all types of bathroom designs and styles, meaning that you don’t have to compromise your bathroom’s style to suit the wooden vanity. Wooden vanities are also quite durable. So if you’re worried you might scratch the wooden surface on the odd occasion, you won’t even notice the scratches on the wood.


Marble is a great option for those wanting a luxury look and feel to their bathroom. Though marble vanities typically come in white with flecks of black or grey, you can opt for coloured marble for an eye-catching statement piece within your bathroom.

You can style your bathroom around the marble in creative ways. For instance, you can choose the vein colours as your primary colour throughout the bathroom to create a dramatic contrast. Or you can opt for a dual-toned style, and choose bathroom fittings and fixtures that complement that two colours of the marble.


Though it falls under the ‘stone material’ category with marble, quartz is a great vanity material choice for those who want an opulent and dramatic touch to the bathroom. This material is incredibly durable and easy to maintain, making it a great choice for those looking for a long-lasting vanity.

Quartz vanities can come in an array of colours to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic. And like marble, there are plenty of ways you can style around it. You can pair your linen and decor with the coloured flecks in the quartz. Or you can opt for pops of colour should your quartz be more subdued and subtle with its patterning.


Laminate vanities were the staple during the 1960s and 1970s. Though the laminate vanities of old came in an interesting range of pastel colours, this humble material has come a long way in bathroom design.

Nowadays, laminate vanities are an excellent choice for those designing a bathroom on a budget. And you won’t be compromising on quality and style. Laminate can mimic high quality materials and is quite durable as well. This material is water-resistant, easy to clean and it won’t feel cold to the touch in the depths of winter.


In most modern bathrooms you’ll find a porcelain vanity. It’s a timeless, yet delicate, material that can add subtle class to your bathroom. Like laminate, porcelain is slightly more cost-effective than other materials and is quite durable.

Porcelain’s minimal and versatile style is a great addition to any bathroom. It doesn’t dominate the space and allows you to style the bathroom of your dreams.

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